Wedding-Free Zone!

We stumbled upon a great wedding blog called “A Practical Wedding” and we must say…it has great advice! Meg is actually having her first book published in January 2012 – we can’t wait to read it!

One blog post caught our attention. The subject line read “Ask Team Practical: Wedding Planning Exhaustion.” Could it be that brides get exhausted planning their weddings!? Yes! It’s true. We understand. As planners, we’re used to it. We know the ins and outs of the industry. We know how long things take and the most efficient way to complete tasks. If you’re a bride planning your wedding without professional help, it can be overwhelming and…exhausting!

One piece of advice that she gave (an we encourage you to read her whole post!) was to have a wedding-free zone in your home. You can do this a few different ways:You can designate a room in your home to be your wedding planning room. This will hold all wedding items, activities, crafts, etc. That way, when you get to the point of “Arghhhhhhhhh!”, you can simply exit the room, shut the door, and take a breath.

If all of your wedding wonderfulness won’t fit in one room, keep one room wedding-free. We suggest your bedroom. This is the last room you see before you shut your tired bride eyes, and the first one you see when you wake up. If you constantly see your wedding invitations, unfinished projects, or vendor contracts strewn about, you’ll starting dreaming about them. Your bedroom is your safe-haven.

Our point: it’s ok to be engaged and not be consumed with wedding thoughts. In fact, we encourage the no wedding zone. It keeps your mind fresh. It keeps the planning aspect from being super stressful. And it keeps your wedding day full of love.

Happy Planning Relaxing!
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